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Welcome to the 'Girl We Got This' Podcast, hosted by Laticia Rolle. This weekly series inspires and empowers women to share their story of womanhood. Join us for conversations that blend personal growth with professional wisdom, all while celebrating self-care, transformation and love. Press play and learn that everything you need lies within you.
I've never met a woman that wasn't strong.

come get poured into. It's time fill your cup.
we see you. 

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One thing I always get from each listen is that I am worthy and can push through whatever mood, circumstance, challenge l'm currently facing. Thank you for sharing your light with us! — Ashley

Listening to Laticia is like listening to an old friend! It's like the ultimate girl's night in chat over a bottle (or several) or wine.
Love that you can hear her smiling and feel her energy as she speaks! Well done! — Rykele

This is actually the one and only podcast
I listen to. You guys! Laticia is one of a kind. You meet her once and you're in love. She definitely practices what she preaches. She is my light and she is my daily inspo. She really does care and personally reaches out. She is real! Why wouldn't you want to listen to her podcast?
I love the positive vibes always. — Elizabeth

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